All of our postcard party boxes are now out of our office and into the homes of our volunteers!

THANK YOU for your partnership with us on the critical work we are doing for the upcoming November 3 election.


If you’d like to GET IN ON THE FUN of a postcard party again, or if you didn’t get a chance to be part of our Postcard Party event earlier this year but really wanted to, we are offering it RIGHT NOW! Just sign up below and we’ll contact you when the postcards are HOT OFF THE PRESS!


Want to make a HUGE difference for President Trump without knocking doors or making phone calls? Then Wisconsin Family Action has just the thing for you: host a “Get-Out-The-Vote Postcard Writing Party”!

We will supply the postcards, the stamps, the mailing addresses and a host/hostess gift as a token of our “thanks!” You supply your friends, some handwriting labor (and maybe some coffee, tea and treats!) and have lots of fun all while making a big impact in the upcoming election.

Every vote matters. A lot of research has been dedicated in recent years to various mobilization (i.e.¸ get-out-the-vote or GOTV) experiments. Consistent findings show that
• personalized methods and messages work better.
• social networks and interpersonal influence can be powerful mobilizing forces.
• the content of mobilization messages is not as important as the quality, timing, and delivery of messages.

Well-designed postcards with personal, handwritten messages are a proven, EXCELLENT way to mobilize voters!

The Christian turnout in every election is so important, just like it was for Justice Kelly in the Spring election. To that end, urging fellow Christians to get out and vote has proven that it can be the difference maker in close elections.

Wisconsin Family Action has thousands of postcards to get out to highly targeted conservative Christians across the state to encourage them to vote in the November 2020 election. Each kit will contain 200 postcards, 200 stamps, a mailing list with names and addresses and brief messages to be written on the postcards. We’ll also include a special “host/hostess gift” as a special thank you!

Wisconsin Family Action invites you to be a difference-maker and a host a “GOTV Postcard Writing Party”! Just complete the form below, and we will follow up with you when we are ready to get you started.